With a fresh take on world music Paul and Michael take their instruments on an international tour – enjoy the sultry sounds of the Tango, the rhythmic drive of the Balkans, along with rip-roaring tunes from Russia and Scotland. Virtuoso playing and fresh musical ideas, Paul and Michael explore the potential of their instruments in a way that is exciting and engaging. They take the strength of each instrument’s traditions and blend them into their own unique brand of fusion music. The result is a vibrant, intriguing and occasionally explosive mix of music that crosses cultural boundaries.

Both musicians grew up in Southern Scotland, and a common interest in traditional music brought them together. Whilst still maintaining these traditional roots, the combination of Michael’s jazz influenced style, and Paul’s classical training come together to create a dynamic performance bursting with energy – the various instrumental combinations add even more to the diversity



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First Impression - Back Cover

This recording features music from around Europe, Russia and South America, along with some traditional Scottish and own compositions such as The Lewis Chessmen, a suite of tunes composed by Michael.